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Botanical Bath Bombs Gift Set Assortment Set of 6

Botanical Bath Bombs Gift Set Assortment Set of 6

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Give a gift of a home spa treatment, mini-jacuzzi like experience with these Botanical and Himalayan Pink Salt  Bath Bombs.   

Each of these bath bombs are created with organic botanicals, detoxifying clays and high-quality essential oils. Drop a bath bomb into your bath water and relax as tiny bubbles surround you. 

Relaxing and calming to help you destress and calm the mind. 

Each bath bomb is blended with Epsom Salt for its muscle soothing properties and vitamin enriched, moisturizing Avocado oil.


LAVENDER: Soothing and calming lavender strong,  with sweet, strong geranium 

CALENDULA: Bittersweet floral with warm spicy notes 

ROSE CLAY: Rich floral blend of roses and jasmine 

CORNFLOWER BLUE: Clean, Fresh and Lemony 

HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Spearmint and Peppermint 

ROSE:  Bouquet of Red Roses

Made in United States of America

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