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Coconut Margarita Glimmer Bomb

Coconut Margarita Glimmer Bomb

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Are you ready to experience a tropical paradise in a glass? Introducing the COCONUT MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™ - the ultimate cocktail bomb for those who crave a hint of the exotic. Infused with premium coconut flavors and a touch of tangy lime, this refreshing cocktail is perfect for a sunny day by the pool or a night out with friends. Simply drop it into sparkling water, and watch as it transforms into a glittery explosion of flavor.

Best paired with a high-quality tequila or mezcal, this COCONUT MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™ is guaranteed to transport you to a beachside oasis with every sip. Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients: * COCONUT MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™ * Margarita glass * Salt rimmer * 6 oz of sparking water

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