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Chocolate Mint Infusion

Chocolate Mint Infusion

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This is a rich dark chocolate infusion with a strong espresso flavor. Enjoy this infusion mixed with some milk for a martini or added to coffee for a fabulous cocktail.

Ingredients-Bittersweet Chocolate sticks, coffee beans, espresso powder, vanilla infused organic sugar, artisan honey bars   

Infuse with rum, vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey. Mix with coffee, seltzer, milk, ice cream This flavor works best with a hot or warm infusion. Heat the alcohol approx.16oz (not too boiling.) Add to the jar and shake occasionally.

This infusion can be used within an hour when the chocolate and honey is melted or after infusing for 2-3 days. Warm Infusion (1hour- 2 days)

Best for infusions with chocolate & candies Fill with approx.16oz of warm or hot (not boiling) liquor Let sit from a few hours to 1-2 days Shake every so often to help the ingredients meld Keep refrigerated after infusing, strain & enjoy!


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