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Stress Free

Stress Free

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Stress Free candle can help put you in a better mood when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.  Topped with Amethyst, this protective stone can help relieve stress and anxiety in your life.  This candle will be a good addition to any meditation routine to help provide an overall sense of spiritual balance.

Be sure to light this candle and set your intentions, or just light it and enjoy the fragrance of Coconut Acai.

Note Profile:

Top: Green Apple, Fresh Cassis, Grapefruit
Heart: Acai Berries, Coconut Water, Jasmine
Base: Coconut Milk, Sugar Crystals, Musk

12 oz

Burn Time: Up to 60 hours

*Please do not attempt to remove crystals while the candle is burning.
*Crystals absorb heat tend to be very hot during a candle burn.
*Wait until the candle has fully cooled down after a burn to retrieve any crystals.

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