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Himalayan Salt Gemstone Diffuser - Citrus Dip

Himalayan Salt Gemstone Diffuser - Citrus Dip

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When life gives us citrus, we squeeze them into our fragrance oil and create something sweet.

Zest things up in this rich combination of fresh citrus, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Top Notes: citrus, bergamot

Middle Notes: jasmine, lemon leaf

Base Notes: sandalwood, cedar 

Gemstone: Himalayan Salt Himalayan Salt brings joy, wonder, and enthusiasm to every part of your life.

INSTRUCTIONS: - Carefully place the Gemstones into the glass vessel on a flat surface.

Add 6-8 fragrance oil drops onto the Gemstones.

Allow the Gemstones to absorb the fragrance and let them do their magic! -

Reapply as desired. 

When not in use, place the lid onto the glass vessel to reserve the scent.



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