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Sleeping Oasis Gemstone Diffuser - Tropical Bath

Sleeping Oasis Gemstone Diffuser - Tropical Bath

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The layering of fresh fruits along with soft florals capture the cheerful and positive spirits.

Welcome to the Sleeping Oasis, a world of cozy, comfort and goodness.

Top Notes: pineapple flower, green apple, orange

Middle Notes: peach, lily of the valley, sandalwood

Base Notes: amber, vanilla, cinnamon

Gemstone: Green Fluorite Green Fluorite is a gemstone for the mind. It brings opportunity, growth, well-being, and good luck, helping you find mental clarity and peace of mind.

 INSTRUCTIONS: - Carefully place the Gemstones into the glass vessel on a flat surface.

Add 6-8 fragrance oil drops onto the Gemstones.

Allow the Gemstones to absorb the fragrance and let them do their magic! -

Reapply as desired. 

When not in use, place the lid onto the glass vessel to reserve the scent.



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